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LAZARUS, the Lab for Mathematical Computing, was founded at Texas Tech University in 2014. The lab was originally named The Lab for the Analysis of Zombie Activity and Research into Undead Simulations (LAZARUS), but has been adopted as a mathematical computing lab, featuring the Schoenberg Cluster so it can better serve and support research opportunities for undergraduate & graduate students as well as faculty on Texas Tech campus. A supercomputer branded as the Schoenberg Cluster is featured as the lab's centerpiece. The Schoenberg Cluster features a collection of computing nodes (motherboards with two GPUs and memory but no hard drives), storage nodes (motherboards with less processing power but with plenty of memory and hard drive capacity), and a single head node which manages operations across the cluster. Primary research areas currently being explored through LAZARUS are machine learning, numerical analysis and quantum computing. 

Schoenberg Cluster

Technical Components

The Schoenberg Cluster runs on uBuntu and users log into using the SSH Protocol. The Schoenberg Cluster is composed of the following GPUs: 

  • Nvidia GeForce 770 (20+)
  • Nvidia GeForce 640 (20+)
  • Nvidia Titan Black (5) 

 For additional details, please contact the LAZARUS administrators.