Texas Tech University

Placement Exams

What are Placement Exams?

The purpose of the placement exams is to HELP YOU be successful in your courses here at Texas Tech University.The placement exams are used to assess your present level of general chemistry knowledge and mathematical skills.

Tips for Taking the Placement Exams

  • Take the placement exams seriously. Your Placement Exam results will determine into which classes you are eligible to enroll. Retesting is limited, so do your best the first time.
  • Study and review the subjects you are testing. Study and review may help improve your placement results, particularly for subjects which you may not have recently practiced.
  • Familiarize yourself with the type of questions that are found on the exams. Sample test questions are available on each of the Math and Chemistry exam pages. Knowing the format of the test questions can help you relax and concentrate during the test.
  • Take the exam prior to RRO. In addition to having more time to relax and concentrate in a comfortable environment, failure to take the exam prior to orientation may cause delays in course registration.

Ideally, incoming students should take placement exams online before coming to their orientation session.

There is no fee for taking a placement exam.