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The transition from high school to college can be exciting and scary at the same time. We've been there before: caught in the drowning sensation that often comes with beginning college.

That's why the First Year Raider Experience will help you enjoy this new time in your life. This online resource is all about the things you need to do to not only survive your first year of college, but to thrive in college. And many of the tools, skills, and habits you develop through this site can not only be used to help you succeed in college, but in your future career as well.

Remember, the transition to college doesn't happen in just a few weeks. Follow the FYRE Game Plan and winning will be a sure thing!

FYRE Timeline

Step Up to the Plate

Welcome to the Big Leagues! Texas Tech University provides you with a much different educational experience than your high school. Here are some of the differences that you can expect to experience. Step Up to the Plate!

Before You Start

Possible Concerns

  • Getting ready for college
  • Registering for class
  • Saying goodbye to parents, siblings, friends and pets
  • Moving to Lubbock

FYRE Resources

Get in the Game

You'll arrive on campus full of excitement, and maybe a few nerves.  Get In the Game!

In The First Few Weeks

Possible Concerns

  • Meeting your roommate for the first time
  • Meeting your Professors/First Day of Class
  • Fining your way around campus
  • Getting homesick
  • Re-evaluating your high school love relationships

FYRE Resources

Improve Your Game

We have a whole team ready to help you succeed. Check out the line up of all the resources available to new Red Raiders. Improve Your Game


Possible Concerns:

  • Finding organizations to join
  • Rethinking/confirming academic major selection
  • Mid-term crunch with exams and papers
  • Time management concerns
  • Stress management issues
  • Roommate challenges
  • Getting sick

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Possible Concerns

  • Finals
  • Balancing school, social and family holiday activities
  • Readjusting to life at home

Stay in the Game

Don't stall out during the seventh inning stretch.  Bring it on home! Stay In the Game


Welcome back to campus!

Possible Concerns

  • Homesick/Relief to be back
  • Depression

FYRE Resources


Possible Concerns

  • Begin making plans for the summer and next academic semester

FYRE Resources


Possible Concerns

  • Finals
  • Sadness that first year is over

FYRE Resources