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Meet Our Counselors

RRC Staff

The Red Raider Camp Counselors are ready to make your transition to Texas Tech one to remember! By connecting students to students and students to the university our Red Raider Camp Counselors are ready to show you the ropes of Red Raider Life!

Below you will find our team!

2020 Red Raider Camp Counselors

Name Year Major
Agodo, Chigozie Agodo, Chigozie Sophomore Electrical Engineering
Alexander, Abby Alexander, Abby Sophomore Multidisciplinary Studies
Arceneaux, D Arceneaux, D'Andre Junior Creative Media Industries
Borie, Jewel Borie, Jewel Sophomore Pre-Nursing
Bouillion, Mags Bouillion, Mags Junior Theatre
Broussard, Timothy Broussard, Timothy Junior Political Science
Cockerham, Collin Cockerham, Collin Senior Accounting
Coker, Cassidy Coker, Cassidy Senior Biochemistry
Gordon, Patricia Gordon, Patricia Sophomore Psychology & American Sign Language/ English Interpreting
Hansen, Mads Hansen, Mads Sophomore Mechanical Engineering
Hart, McCaleb Hart, McCaleb Sophomore Marketing
Hilton, Nigel Hilton, Nigel Senior Advertising
Ibarra, Guillermo Ibarra, Guillermo Sophomore Industrial Engineering
Jordan, Abbie Jordan, Abbie Sophomore Biology
Mata, Gabriel Mata, Gabriel Senior Technical Theatre
Moore, PJ Moore, PJ Sophomore Kinesiology
Obregon, Corey Obregon, Corey Sophomore BFA/Design
Plunk, Jacee Plunk, Jacee Sophomore Agricultural Communications
Raley, Michael Raley, Michael Junior Accounting
Shammaa, Amaris Shammaa, Amaris Sophomore Natural Resource Management
Torres, Reeka Torres, Reeka Junior Pre-Nursing
Underwood, Emory Underwood, Emory Junior Animal Science; Pre-Physicians Assistant
Valdez, Nathaniel Valdez, Nathaniel Sophomore Pre-Law