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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that as new students you have a lot of questions concerning orientation, signing up for classes, and becoming a Texas Tech student. Take a few minutes to browse through our list of FAQs. If you still have questions or need further clarification, feel free to contact us!

RRO 4 Steps

What's the difference in the 4 Steps?

What's the difference?

The entire 4-step Red Raider Orientation (RRO) process is designed to help you become familiar with campus, learn about campus resources, meet other new students, and register for classes. But there are some key differences you need to know about.

Step 1: Online Modules Step 2: Advising & Registration Step 3: Raiderland Experience Step 4: Raider Welcome

Online Modules

Advising & Registration

Raiderland Experience

Raider Welcome

Mandatory Mandatory Encouraged Encouraged
Online, Self-Paced Virtual, Synchronous In-Person In-Person and Online

Opens May 3.
Must complete before Step 2. 

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

August 2021

  • Gain fundamental knowledge about being a Texas Tech student
  • Learn the academic and social expectations of the University
  • Prepare for Advising & Registration
  • And much more!
  • Meet with an academic advisor
  • Register for Classes
  • Verify Financial Aid package
  • Meet other incoming Red Raiders
  • And much more!
  • Become familiar with campus
  • Experience life on campus
  • Explore campus resources and services
  • Meet other incoming Red Raiders
  • And much more!
  • Build friendships with your classmates
  • Reconnect with your advisor and meet faculty members
  • Become an expert in navigating campus
  • Sign up for student groups and other engagement opportunities
  • And much more!

General RRO FAQ

What is RRO?

Red Raider Orientation (RRO) is designed to help you become familiar with campus, learn about campus resources, meet other new students, and register for classes. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to adjust the Red Raider Orientation experience to a hybrid model with both online and in-person components.

This 4 step RRO process includes self-paced online modules, synchronous virtual academic advising and class registration sessions during the summer months supplemented by in-person campus experiences, followed by even more activities during Raider Welcome (the weeks before classes begin).

Do I have to participate in RRO?

ALL new undergraduate students are required to complete the RRO Online Modules and participate in a Advising & Registration session to meet your advisor and register for classes.  The in-person Raiderland Experience is optional, but encouraged.  Additionally, Raider Welcome is not mandatory, and students can pick and choose events to participate in during the weeks before the first day of classes.

Do I have to participate in orientation in order to register for classes? Even if I am a transfer student?

Yes. You must participate in an RRO Advising & Registration session and meet with your advisor during your assigned appointment time in order to register for classes. You may have received pre-advising during the admissions process; however, you will only receive your registration time ticket and be cleared to register by participating in an Advising & Registration session.

I participated in a Transfer Visit Day/Connect Tech/University Day/Raider Roadshow and I have had a tour of campus. Why do I have to participate in orientation?

Events through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are designed to help students and guests become better acquainted with Texas Tech. In order to meet with an advisor and register for classes, students must complete the Online Modules and participate in Red Raider Orientation Advising & Registration session. You may also choose to participate in the in-person Raiderland Experience if you wish.

I am a distance learning student. Do I have to register for RRO?

Distance Learning students (not taking any courses on the Lubbock campus) need to contact the primary academic advisor of the desired online program for assistance.

I am an international student. What do I need to do for RRO?

International students must participate in Red Raider Orientation. Some students may also need to check-in with International Affairs. For more information, visit the Office of International Affairs site.

Advising & Registration FAQ 

When is my RRO Advising & Registration session?

To view the Advising & Registration date you signed up for, please log back into the Registration system. You can find out how to update your session date by visiting our Making Changes page. Space is limited in each session based on academic college and major.

Why do we have a date for  Advising & Registration if it is virtual?

Signing up for an Advising & Registration date is essentially making an appointment with your academic advisor. You will connect with your academic advisor via video conferencing, phone or other technologies on your scheduled date. Having a scheduled date also allows RRO to provide opportunities for you to connect with peers, current students, financial aid advisors, and support staff in an effective and manageable way. View the sample schedule to find out what you can expect the day of your session.

Will there still be an RRO student fee?

Yes. The fee for Red Raider Orientation is $60 and includes access to the online orientation modules, access to information and resources to help you be successful, pays for advanced technology, materials and much more.

Will there still be an RRO guest fee?

No. Red Raider Orientation has made the decision to provide Parent & Family/Guest programming free of charge. We will continue to provide programming, education, and involvement activities for parents, family members and guests. 

Should I still register my guest for Red Raider Orientation?

Red Raider Orientation will still provide opportunities for Parents and Family Members/Guests to be engaged and educated about Texas Tech University and the programs and services available to students. While Red Raider Orientation will look different, we still want you involved and connected. We are committed to providing you the information you need to help support your student and their success as a Red Raider! You can add a guest by logging back into the RRO registration system and clicking on the "Guests" tab, adding your guest's information, and clicking submit.

When will I register for classes?

Students will register for classes after meeting with their academic advisors during their scheduled RRO session. Remember, before you can register for classes during orientation, you must clear any registration holds and complete your Online Modules.

Will I be able to talk to current Texas Tech students?

Yes! Our Red Raider Orientation student Crew members are excited to welcome you to Texas Tech University. They will be available during your scheduled RRO session to answer questions.

What will I do on the day of my scheduled RRO session?

Get ready to learn about your academic college, meet with your academic advisor, register for classes, learn about university resources, meet classmates and much more. View a sample schedule to get an idea of what to expect. Remember, this is a sample schedule. You will receive a full, detailed schedule with links two days prior to your scheduled date to your TTU email.

Will I be able to look at my assigned room for on-campus Housing?

Yes! Please visit University Student Housing to see what your residence hall room will look like. You can also take a Residence Hall tour during our optional Raiderland Experience program.

Do I have to participate in everything on the schedule?

All portions of RRO Advising & Registration are considered mandatory. You are required to participate in the entire program. If you do not participate, arrive late, or miss your advising session, you may be blocked from registering for classes. Visit our Schedule page for more information. 

What happens if my schedule conflicts with all the RRO Advising & Registration sessions? 

All incoming students are required to participate in an orientation session to register for their first semester of classes.  If it is absolutely impossible for you to participate in a regularly scheduled RRO session, we offer last-minute sessions prior to each semester. However, it is in your best interest and we STRONGLY encourage you to participate in a regular RRO session.  It is not possible to register for courses without participating RRO.

Student Registration FAQ

Do I have to sign up for an RRO session?

Yes. Registration for RRO is required to reserve a date. RRO sessions are capacity limited, meaning only a certain number of students are allowed to attend each session. Space for each RRO is available on a first-reserve basis and once an orientation session has filled, it will no longer appear as an option. There is no wait list.

I was just accepted to Texas Tech, but I keep getting an “unmatched imported student” error.

Once a student is accepted to Texas Tech, it can take up to 24 - 48 hours for the information to be imported to the RRO registration system. If you continue to see errors, please email redraiderorientation@ttu.edu.

I need to cancel my orientation. What do I do?

To cancel/withdraw your application and/or decline admission, please complete the form below through the Office of Admissions.

Withdraw Application

You should only withdraw if you NO LONGER PLAN TO ATTEND TTU. If you just need to reschedule your session, please see the information above about changing dates.

Once your application is withdrawn, your RRO session will automatically be cancelled. Please allow our office 7 to 10 business days to process the request to withdraw your application.

Do I have to pay the RRO fee before I submit my reservation?

The RRO fee is applied to your tuition and cannot be paid in advance.

Where is my RRO confirmation email?

RRO confirmation emails are sent to a student's TTU email account, which can be accessed at mail.ttu.edu by logging in with the eRaider username and password. For further assistance, contact 806-742-2993 or email redraiderorientation@ttu.edu.

Selecting an Advising & Registration Date

Can I see the session dates before I log in to register?

Due to the limited amount of seats per major in each of the sessions, students must log in to the registration system to see available dates.

How do I guarantee that I get the session I want?

While there is no guarantee for any session, we recommend that you register early. Several of the early sessions fill fairly quickly and once full, we cannot add students.

Can I be placed on a waitlist for a session that is full?

We will not add students to a full session, and we do not have a waitlist for any session. Capacity is determined by how many students we can reasonably serve each session. Our aim is to make sure each student has the best experience and gets as much individualized attention possible.
Students can log in to check if any previously closed sessions have availability.

Will I get any classes if I come to a later session?

You will get classes you need because TTU has several options and systems in place to make sure you do. We open new seats in many classes throughout the summer. These seats may appear closed on the class schedule prior to your RRO session, but they will be available to you when you come to RRO.

Can I switch my session dates after I have already registered?

Yes. To change an orientation date, log back into back in to the RRO registration system, click on the "Dates" tab, and choose an available session. Be sure to click "Save and Continue" or "Save and Exit Reservation" so the changes are saved.

If I change my major after I have already registered for RRO, will I have to pick a new session?

No, major changes do not require a session change. It may take up to 48 hours for the new major to appear in the system.

I am admitted to start for the summer term. When will I attend RRO?

Students who are admitted for a summer term will attend a special summer RRO session immediately prior to the first day of their summer term. Log in to see available session dates.

Major Changes

I wanted to major in engineering, business or biology, but my major is listed as eXplore or another major. Can I switch back to the major I want?

Admission to Texas Tech University does not guarantee admission to majors the Rawls College of Business, Whitacre College of Engineering, and majors in Biology, Microbiology and Cell & Molecular Biology.

If you applied to a restricted major and did not meet the assured admission requirements, you were either admitted into your second major choice or into and eXplore major.

While in eXplore, you will enroll in core curriculum and pre-requisite math courses. Explore students benefit from the highly personal, success-oriented advising provided by University Advising.

If you still want to pursue a degree in your first choice, don't worry; many TTU students apply to these restricted majors after their first year.

What is eXplore?

eXplore is a designation which provides personalized advising on your path to confirming a major and minor! There are six eXplore designations including: Public Service, STEM, Business & Industry, Arts & Humanities, Social Science, and Multidisciplinary. Some eXplore students are working towards completing pre-requisites to declare their major of interest; meanwhile, other students collaborate with eXplore advisors to identify their best fit academic path! Once students meet departmental pre-requisites to declare, students are assisted by advising staff through the process of transferring to their major of choice.

What is Foundational Engineering?

All new students who have met assured admission requirements are admitted to the Whitacre College of Engineering. During your first year, you will initially work to complete a foundational engineering curriculum within your emphasis area.

Although your major will be listed as "Foundational Engineering" during your first year, you will still work toward your engineering emphasis area: chemical, civil, computer, construction, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical, petroleum, or computer science.

What is a "COBA" major?

In order to ensure student success, the Rawls College of Business (COBA) has established minimum requirements and expectations for undergraduate business students. All students will be classified as COBA upon admission to TTU and will apply to a specific major during RRO. A minimum cumulative 2.75 Texas Tech GPA is required to progress in the Rawls College of Business.

I want to be a Nurse. What should my major be?

Pre-nursing is considered a designation at Texas Tech; it is not a degree-granting major. Students designated as pre-nursing are advised by Pre-Professional Health Careers and will take the prerequisite nursing courses at Texas Tech in order to apply for admission to the School of Nursing at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center (or other nursing program) to complete their degree.

I want to be a coach or work in the health and fitness industry. What should I major in?

The College of Education offers a minor in athletic coaching that requires 18 hours and can be completed entirely through online courses. This minor is primarily designed for College of Education students who want to teach a content area in high school and be a coach, but is open to all students.

**Prior to Red Raider Orientation, you will need to verify only your major. During RRO, you can work with your academic advisor to declare a minor.

Another major option is kinesiology or sport management, through the College of Arts & Sciences. This degree prepares individuals for professional careers, advanced graduate study, and entry into allied health programs (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical school).

I am in the Honors College. Why does my "college" and major say something else?

The Honors College curriculum is completely independent of your major. The Honors College offers honors courses throughout the various academic colleges at Texas Tech. Therefore, students of all majors can participate in the Honors program. If you are accepted into the Honors College, your college listed within the RRO registration system and on the Admitted Student Tasklist will be associated with the academic major you chose on your ApplyTexas admissions application.

There is no "Honors" major. Students enroll in an academic program in a college of their choice AND they enroll in the Honors College at the same time; so most honors students have dual enrollment in two colleges. The Honors College offers one major, Honors Sciences & Humanaties (HSH) and one minor, environment and the humanities (EVHM). Students in the HSH program enroll only in the Honors College.

Students who apply to the Honors College at Texas Tech will have a primary academic advisor in the college of the major they are pursuing, AND will also have an Honors College advisor who will help guide them in selecting courses to meet the honors requirements. At Red Raider Orientation, you will meet with both your primary academic advisor and your Honors College advisor.

If you have questions about the Honors College, please email honors@ttu.edu or call (806) 742-1828.

How do I change my major?

If it is LESS than 48 hours prior to your RRO session, please attend the RRO Major Change Zoom meeting on your RRO Schedule. 

If it is MORE than 48 hours prior to your RRO session, to change your major:
  1. Log into your Raider Connect account at www.raiderconnect.ttu.edu
  2. Go to your “My Applications” tab
  3. Select Major Change
  4. Choose your desired major from the available options, then click save.

Please allow up to 48 hours to process this request.

NOTE ON RESTRICTED MAJORS: If you have been admitted to the University at the time of your request, the options for changing your major could be restricted due to additional requirements of some programs. You will be allowed to select a major from the programs that you are qualified to enter.Please refer to information on admission requirements for specific colleges to see if you are qualified for restricted majors.

Registration Holds

What is a registration hold?

An important part of Red Raider Orientation is meeting your academic advisor and registering for classes for the fall semester. However, before you can register for classes during orientation, you must clear any registration holds. We STRONGLY encourage you to take care of any registration holds you have prior to your RRO session to help ensure a smooth advising and registration process. A hold is placed on your record to indicate that an action is needed. Academic and administrative offices can place holds on a student's account for many reasons. You can view your holds when you log into the RRO registration system. Your holds, if any, are listed under the "Questionnaire" page, in the student information section. Below, we have listed some common holds you may encounter as a new student and instructions on how to take care of these holds.

TSI Hold New Student (TS) – Registrar's Office

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state mandate that requires students to be assessed in reading, writing and math skills prior to enrolling in college, and to be advised based on the results of that assessment. The TSI Hold New Student is a temporary hold placed on a student account until the TSI Compliance Office has had a chance to review your files.

Action to take:

No action is required to remove this hold. Once your records have been reviewed by the TSI Compliance Office, the hold will automatically be removed if you are considered TSI complete or will be replaced with a TSI testing hold.

You should check back to see if testing is required, as indicated by a TSI hold for a specific test (see below).

If you think you might be compliant, you can review the TSI Exemptions to find out if you will have to take the TSI Assessment. If you are not exempt, you must take the TSI Assessment.

TSI Hold (TR) – Registrar's Office

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state mandate that requires students to be assessed in reading, writing and math skills prior to enrolling in college, and to be advised based on the results of that assessment. Students who do not meet TSI Exemptions will be required to take the TSI Assessment.

The TSI Compliance Office will place a registration hold on any student who requires testing. A student may have one of several TSI holds depending on which areas require testing:

  1. Math (M)
  2. Writing (W)
  3. Reading (R)
  4. Math and Writing (M/W)
  5. Math and Reading (M/R)
  6. Reading and Writing (R/W)
  7. All (M/W/R)

Your hold might be followed by "em" and a date. This indicates that the Registrar's Office sent you an email on the date indicated to inform you about any required TSI testing.

Action to take:

The TSI Assessment is a state approved test for TSI compliance. This test is offered daily throughout orientation. You may come as a walk-in between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Seating is limited, but you will be worked into a testing lab as soon as a seat is available. You must take the exam before you can register for classes.

All students needing to take the TSI Assessment are STRONGLY encouraged to test PRIOR to Red Raider Orientation. This may mean you need to arrive a day before your scheduled RRO session.

The TSI Assessment is offered at Academic Testing Services at TTU. Be sure you bring your driver's license and your payment with you to the test.

If you think you might be exempt, you can review the TSI Exemptions to find out if you will have to take the TSI Assessment. If you are not exempt, you must take the TSI Assessment.
Steps to follow for taking the TSI Assessment:

  1. The TSI Assessment is administered in 214 West Hall.
  2. Visit https://www.depts.ttu.edu/testing/tsi_assessment.php to see testing dates and times.
  3. Pay $50.00 check, money order or credit/debit card.
  4. Present a valid government issued picture I.D. such as a license or passport.

For more information, please visit the Texas Success Initiative website.

TSI Needs Advising (TR) – Texas Success Initiative

If you do not pass the Texas Success Initiative Assessment and do not meet one of the exemption requirements, the TSI Needs Advising Hold is placed to ensure students are registered in the appropriate developmental courses and that compliance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is being met.

Action to take:

When you attend Red Raider Orientation, you will meet with a TSI Advisor. During check-in at your RRO session, you will receive information with an appointment to meet your TSI advisor. You MUST attend this TSI advising session in addition to your academic advising session in order to register for classes.

Immunization Requirement (TR) - Student Health

All students are required to show proof of MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) and Meningitis vaccines before enrolling in classes. We will be looking for two doses of the MMR vaccine and a current Meningitis vaccine. A current Meningitis vaccine is a vaccine that has been received within 5 years.

In order to give you more time to submit your records, Student Health Services will apply an immunization hold extension on the morning you are scheduled to attend Red Raider Orientation! This extension will suspend your immunization hold until August 15. This means the immunization hold will NOT prevent you from registering for your courses. All questions about the immunization hold or extension should be directed to 806-743-2848.

For more information on the immunization requirement, please visit the Immunization Requirements for New Students page on the Student Health Services website.

Action to take:

Submit your records to Student Health Services via Med+Proctor.


Housing Form E (TR) – University Student Housing

Students with fewer than 30 college hours, excluding dual credit or credit by exam, are required to live on campus unless exempted by University Student Housing. The "Housing Form E" registration and transcript hold is placed on a student's account when the student does not meet the criteria for an exemption from the residency requirement and has not yet signed up for on-campus housing.

Action to take:

To remove the hold, you must either show proof of your off-campus eligibility by fulfilling one of the exemption requirement categories listed in OP 30.25 OR sign up for a room on-campus using the Priority Room Selection system. To learn more, visit the University Student Housing website.

For questions, please contact University Student Housing at housing@ttu.edu.

Academic Advising Holds

Academic advising holds prevent the student from enrolling in classes until the student receives academic advising, and vary by major. Students must meet with their advisor prior to class registration so that the student's program can be discussed and course recommendations can be made.

Action to take:

Attend your scheduled Red Raider Orientation session to meet with your academic advisor. No action prior to RRO is required.

Academic Orientation Hold (TR) - Red Raider Orientation

All incoming students will have an Academic Orientation hold. This is the only hold that cannot be removed prior to your orientation session.

Action to take:

This hold will be removed when you attend a Red Raider Orientation session.

New Student FAQs

What is an Rnumber? And where do I find mine?

Your Rnumber is your official Texas Tech student ID number.  It is an 8-digit number, preceded by the letter "R". To find your Rnumber:

  1. Go to www.raiderlink.ttu.edu
  2. Log in with your eRaider username and password.
  3. On the top of the page, you will see the word "Welcome", followed by your name.
  4. Underneath your name, you will find an R followed by an 8-digit number. This is your TechID Number.
  5. Memorize this number. It will never change during your time at Texas Tech.

You can also find your Rnumber inside the Red Raider Orientation registration system on the "Personal Information" page.

What is an eRaider account?

Your eRaider account is your TTU electronic identification. Your eRaider is a single username and password that is required to access many resources at TTU.

Your eRaider account allows you to access your TechMail (e-mail), access the campus wifi internet, access RaiderLink for class registration and information, download free software, and much more.

In accordance with university policy and to protect your privacy, you should never divulge your eRaider username and password to anyone. No university official or university sanctioned service provider will ever ask you for your eRaider password.

NOTE: Your eRaider account is different than the RaiderConnect credentials you used during the admissions process.

Is there a list of everything I have to do to enroll at TTU?

The Admitted Student Tasklist provides a comprehensive checklist of steps for a student to take prior to beginning classes at Texas Tech. Within your custom tasklist, you can check off each item when you have completed or finished reviewing. 

When do I register for classes?

Class registration takes place during a student's scheduled Red Raider Orientation (RRO). RRO is mandatory for all new freshman and transfer students. Additional information and dates for RRO are available at www.redraiderorientation.ttu.edu.

When do classes begin?

For a list of important dates (like first day of class, Spring Break and more), view the complete academic calendar.

When can I move into the residence halls?

For information about residence hall move in, visit https://www.depts.ttu.edu/housing/commitment.php

How much does it cost to attend Texas Tech University?

You can estimate costs by utilizing the Tuition Estimator and making sure you understand your Financial Aid.

What is Raider Welcome?

Raider Welcome is a series of FUN and FREE events held prior to the first week of classes to help introduce you to campus and other students. More information is available at www.raiderwelcome.ttu.edu.

How do I get to Texas Tech University (maps, directions)?

Click here for information about Traveling to Campus.

Contact Us

If you still have questions, please contact us at:

Red Raider Orientation

Transition & Engagement
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f: 806-742-0138



Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm CST
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Note: Our office follows the university closing/holiday schedule and TechAlert weather/operating status. To make sure you receive emergency alerts, update your contact information at www.ttu.edu/emergencyalert