Texas Tech University

The Crew


Meet the Red Raider Orientation staff! “The Crew” will be your guides to getting started at Texas Tech. They are current undergraduate student leaders selected and trained to assist at Red Raider Orientation.

They act as guides, small group leaders, mentors and resources for new students. They also help guide students and parents through many activities and sessions that take place during orientation.

Get to know them now and get ready to become a member of our Red Raider family!

Name Major, Classification
Arriaga, Gigi Arriaga, Gigi Journalism, Junior
Batalova, Anna Batalova, Anna Interior Design, Junior
Bhosale, Sam Bhosale, Sam Computer science, First-Year
Borie, Jewel Borie, Jewel Nursing, Junior
Bouillion, Mags Bouillion, Mags BA Theatre, Senior
Bradford, Crayton Bradford, Crayton Human Sciences - Health Professions, Sophomore
Cardamone, Nicole Cardamone, Nicole Pre-Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Sophomore
Carroll-Linden, Robert Carroll-Linden, Robert Biology, Senior
Chambers, Emily Chambers, Emily Digital Media and Professional Communication, Junior
Chapman, Maura Chapman, Maura Honors Sciences & Humanities, Communication Studies, Senior
Clark, Madelon Clark, Madelon Agricultural Communications, Junior
Elele, Precious Elele, Precious Computer Engineering, First- Year
Ellis, Miles Ellis, Miles Kinesiology, Junior
Fernandez, Lisann Fernandez, Lisann Marketing, Senior
Gee, G Gee, G Creative Media Industry, Junior
Gove, Tim Gove, Tim Accounting, Senior
Griffin, Lauren Griffin, Lauren English, Junior
Hart, McCaleb Hart, McCaleb Marketing and Sports Management, Senior
Hill, Abby Hill, Abby Elementary Education, Senior
Holguin, Kassandra Holguin, Kassandra Animal Science, Junior
Hyde, Emma Hyde, Emma Psychology, Junior
Johnson, Maya Johnson, Maya Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management, Sophomore
Koregave, Isha Koregave, Isha Computer Science, First-Year
Losoya, Reanna Losoya, Reanna Political Science, Junior
Maynes, Hector Maynes, Hector Biology, Sophomore
McWilliams, Sally McWilliams, Sally CMI, Sophomore
Merryman, Cameron Merryman, Cameron Mathematics, Junior
Miller, Macie Miller, Macie Agricultural Education, Sophomore
Moore, PJ Moore, PJ Psychology, Junior
Ojeh, Destiny Ojeh, Destiny Finance, Sophomore
Paredes, Lorenzo Paredes, Lorenzo Accounting, Junior
Quinn, Trevor Quinn, Trevor Accounting and Finance, Senior
Rahman, Maheen Rahman, Maheen Computer Engineering, Sophomore
Raley, Michael Raley, Michael Management - Human Resources, Senior
Ramirez, Katherine Ramirez, Katherine Kinesiology, First-Year
Reisinger, Joseph Reisinger, Joseph Agricultural Education, Junior
Rice, Madison Rice, Madison Kinesiology and Sports Management, Sophomore
Salinas, Isabel Salinas, Isabel Psychology, First-Year
Sanchez-Perales, Mariana Sanchez-Perales, Mariana Art-Graphic Design, Junior
Smith, Marion Smith, Marion Kinesiology, Junior
Smith, Hannah Smith, Hannah Political Science, Junior
Stratton, Liz Stratton, Liz Theatre Arts, Senior
Vloedman, Nathan Vloedman, Nathan Mechanical Engineering, First-Year