Texas Tech University

Student Fees

For Transfer Students

If you are a new undergraduate from high school, please review the Fee Information for First Year Students. Why?

Student RRO Fee

Red Raider Orientation is a fee-based program and is not supported through your tuition dollars.

This fee is applied to your TTU billing account cannot be paid for in advance or at orientation.

  • RRO Student  Fee: $60

What does my fee cover?

Student fees cover RRO materials, meals, parking, facility fees, technology, and orientation staffing. 

Overnight accommodations are NOT INCLUDED in the fee for one-day Transfer RRO sessions.

Students who ATTEND a Red Raider Orientation session will be assessed a non-refundable RRO fee, even if you do not ultimately register for or attend classes at Texas Tech University.
The RRO fee is added to your TTU billing account when you attend orientation and CANNOT be paid in advance or at orientation. You may visit www.sbs.ttu.edu to pay your TTU bill.
All fees are non-refundable, non-negotiable and cannot be discounted.

Guest Fees

If guests are added to a student's registration, the GUEST fees must be paid up front. The guest fee will vary based upon age. 

For more information see our Guest Registration page.

Why do guests have to register/pay to attend Red Raider Orientation?

Over time family members have requested enhanced services and increased programs during Red Raider Orientation. The only way we could provide these additional services without decreasing the services provided for students was to initiate a charge for families attending RRO. Registering for RRO increases our ability to educate family members and guests on services provided by the University.

Additionally we are able to provide our family members more substantial materials, such as a campus map, check-in bag and bus tours, which have been requested.