Texas Tech University

John Burdan

Student Success Specialist

"One day at a time.” 

John Burdan, Success Specialist

I work with students to help them figure out how they can be successful during their time at TTU and the resources that we offer to help them achieve their goals. The most inspiring part of my job is being able to see students grow in self-confidence and start to be more comfortable in pursuing their goals and seeking help when they need it. Being a part of that process is an honor.
I worked as a high school science teacher in El Paso for five years, teaching Chemistry and Physics. More recently, I worked as an Academic Advisor for the past two years with the Graduate School here at TTU, before joining the Student Engagement team.
Outside the office I enjoy reading, writing, playing Bass, playing video games, and hanging out with friends.



Years in Higher Ed


Years at TTU

Graduation Cap

Zoology (B.S.)

Graduation Cap

Higher Education (M.Ed.)

Ask me about:

If I wasn't so great at my current job, I would be:

A zookeeper.

The best piece of advice I've been given.

To understand that I can't make it on my own, and there are others out there who will walk with me and help me whenever I need it.

Something about Lubbock a lot of people don't know.

Lubbock has a thriving local art scene.

Who I would most want to swap places with for a day. 

I would swap places with a peregrine falcon so I can experience flying high and fast.

My Academic Journey

During my last semester, I bombed my first Biochemistry exam (a course I needed to graduate). Worried that I was going to fail, I visited the professor's office hours to see if there was any hope. The professor told me that if I started taking the class more seriously (attending every lecture, staying awake and paying attention, visiting office hours regularly, asking for help when I need it) I would most likely pass the class. I took all of his advice and finished the class with a B!


Making Scrambled Eggs
Working with Others
Picking a Place to Eat