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Nicole Terrell

Assistant Director

"Treat others as you would want to be treated."

Megan Ohlmann, Assistant Director

My primary role is with first-year and transfer student programming. A large part of my job is managing the Tech Leadership Institute and Transfer Connection programs. For both programs, I create the curriculum and plans for events/ meetings and supervise the student leaders who work for the programs as mentors. I also oversee some of our 1-day programs like Hub City Fest and Raider Roundup where I build relationships with individuals on campus and in the Lubbock community and manage all event details to assure that programming is fun and intentional in supporting student success. 

I received my undergraduate degree in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University. While in school, I worked for Student Engagement as a Transfer Ambassador and a Social Media Intern. My first career after graduating was with Undergraduate Admissions as a Transfer Admissions Counselor in the Houston area. My time as a Texas Tech student and leader within programs at the university along with my knowledge of the admissions to graduation process has aided me tremendously in my position as a Program Manager.

When I'm not working, I enjoy exploring Lubbock and spending time outdoors with my dogs. Some of my favorite things to do are visit Cooks Garage on Thursday nights for live music, hang out on the water at Buffalo Springs Lake and try out new restaurants and food trucks around town. 

Ask me about:

The most inspiring part of my job.

Working with students who are driven to excel and passionate about the work they are doing to help others. The days I leave work feeling most fulfilled are the ones where I am working with my student leaders until 8 or 9 PM. My students inspire me through their work, conversations, leadership, friendships, education and dreams.

What advice I would give a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars.

Don't be afraid to bring your personality to an interview with us. We have a lot of fun in this department and while we want a candidate to be experienced, professional and put together, we also want to see that we can laugh in the hallway with you and joke about programming ideas that are a flop. In this department we laugh, fail, succeed, learn and grow together.

Who I would swap places with for a day.

I have no specific person in mind, but I would trade places with a travel blogger. The idea of being paid to travel to amazing places, eat delicious food, try new activities, take cool photos and write about the experience sounds like a dream.

My favorite TTU story.

My favorite TTU moment happened at the 2018 TLC retreat when I joined the students in free time and face planted in the lake off the retreat centers blob. Just my luck, our departments graduate assistant got the whole thing on camera. During the bus ride home from the retreat, I gained cellular service and texts began buzzing in from the staff group text. Come to find out, after the incident, our graduate assistant hiked to the top of the hill, got cell service and sent my epic face planting video to the group chat. My supervisor shared that she had watched the video on a loop and sent a paused screen shot of my body flailing in the air. I will never live it down. 


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Director Fury

While my character, Nick Fury, does engage in combat, he is better known for his big picture mindset and foresight. He is the planner and activator amongst his team. It is evident he values his team members as he often helps them to work cohesively by pointing out and utilizing individuals strengths. I see him as someone you would want to be friends with, but better not cross. In my personal and professional life I take on a lot of these described qualities.

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