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Strive for Honor Evermore!

The phrase “Strive for Honor” is taken from Texas Tech's alma mater, The Matador Song. Each time you show your Raider pride and excitedly get your “guns up,” remember what it means to Strive for Honor.

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What is "Strive for Honor"?

As Red Raiders, we strive, as a matter of principle and pride, to embody this ideal in everything we do whether:

  • Acting with integrity within the classroom, providing only the best of ourselves in our endeavors, and not succumbing to the lure of academic misconduct such as cheating or plagiarism;
  • Supporting our Texas Tech Red Raiders on the field of competition, while still respecting and recognizing our own sportsmanship in our interactions with visiting teams;
  • Desiring to help our fellow Red Raiders, to watch out for our peers and classmates, and assist them in times of need;
  • Striving to better ourselves and our institution with our commitment to our responsibilities today and our promises to make the world a better tomorrow; and
  • Living the values of Texas Tech, while continuing to always learn and promote new ideas and opportunities for those yet to come.

"Texas Tech University is committed to the values of mutual respect; cooperation and communication; creativity and innovation; community service and leadership; pursuit of excellence; public accountability; and diversity."

— 2005 Texas Tech University Strategic Plan

Strive for Honor

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Act with purpose and fairness today. A lifetime of respect will follow. #StriveforHonor