Texas Tech University

Pedro Gonzalez

He/ Him/ His
Political Science, Junior

Transfer Ambassador

Hometown:  Conroe, TX

Transferred From: Lone Star College

Speaks: English and Spanish


Ask me about:

  • First Generation Student
  • Living Off Campus
Pedro Gonzalez, Transfer Ambassador

Meet Pedro

Hey everyone! My name is Pedro Gonzalez. I aim to understand people. I overthink about every little situation which comes with its own pros and cons. I think deeply about the actions of others and my own.

In my free time, I find it enjoyable when I tinker with my car. I often play the violin recreationally. I am a competitive Gamer.

The proudest I've been while on campus is definitely the hiring process to become a Transfer Ambassador. Because of Covid-19, making friends and being social was extremely difficult, but now I get to work with amazing people. My co-workers have made my year better.

Life as a Red Raider

Pedro Gonzalez, Candid Photo  Pedro Gonzalez, Candid Photo