Texas Tech University

Pamela Zaza

She/ Her/ Hers
Management with a minor in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management, Junior

Transfer Ambassador

Hometown:  Palmanova, Italy

Transferred From: South Plains College

Speaks: English, Spanish


Ask me about:

  • Non-traditional student life
  • Living off campus
Pamela Zaza, Transfer Ambassador

Meet Pamela

Hi!! I am Pamela Zaza, I am usually a very proactive, optimistic and cheerful person. I love being involved and helping others feel included. I enjoy swimming and hiking and I am always looking for ways to connect with other TTU students.

My proudest moment at Texas Tech was being able to join the Transition and Engagement Team as a Transfer Ambassador. Being able to work with many different students throughout my time as an Ambassador is something I will always remember.

If I could go back in time and talk to myself on my first day at Texas Tech, I would advice myself to be more confident and talk to more people in my classes.

Life as a Red Raider

Pamela Zaza, Candid Photo Pamela Zaza, Candid Photo