Texas Tech University

Nurse Advice Messaging Center

Nurse Advice Messaging Center will be available to established patients who have set up an account with MyTeamCare. If you have not set up a portal and app account, please visit www.texastechphysicians.com/enroll. When you enroll you will need your Medical Record Number (MRN). This number can be found on any documentation you have received from a previous visit at Student Health Services. If you are unable to locate your MRN, please call 806.743.2848.

The Nurse Advice Messaging Center can assist you in:

  • How to care for an illness or injury at home.
  • Guidance about whether and when to see a healthcare provider.
  • Answer your urgent care questions.
  • Give you health care advice.
  • Help you find a doctor.

When you are using MyTeamCare app send your messages to Tammy Diaz RN-TTU Student Health Nurse.

When you send a message through the Nurse Message Center, please include as much information as possible. For example, if you are inquiring about an illness, please include how long you have been sick, what kinds of over-the-counter medication you have been taking, and any other information which might help our nurse team take care of your needs.

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