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Submit Covid-19 Vaccine


Texas Tech University is strongly encouraging all students, faculty, and staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The delta variant is spreading across our city and the country and the best way to protect your health and the health of others is to get vaccinated. These vaccinations have been found to reduce the severity of COVID-19 and help to minimize transmission of the virus. 

There are three vaccines available here in the United States and they include the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines along with the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. You can learn more about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and through this video from Dr. David Edwards of Texas Tech Student Health and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

In an effort to get more members of our university community fully vaccinated, Texas Tech is offering an incentives program for current students, faculty, and staff that are fully vaccinated. The first drawing will be held on Sept. 15 to allow time for you to obtain your vaccination. If you have already been vaccinated, you can begin the entry process now.

The university will be hosting campus vaccination clinics or you can receive your vaccine through your physician or your local pharmacy. 



For students to register, they must upload a copy of their CDC issued vaccination card (or appropriate documentation if received abroad) to Student Health Services just as you would other university required vaccinations such as MMR and Meningitis. Please use this link to submit your vaccination card.

Please note: you are not required to pay $10 to submit your vaccine care. When you see the “Ready to submit your documentation?” message, scroll down the page and click the grey button “No, thank you. I do not want to access my documents later.” pictured below.



Weekly Prizes for Students

Drawing Date   Prizes Available/Description

Sept. 15

50/$250 Texas Tech Campus Store Gift Cards                               

Sept. 22                      

50/$250 TTU Dining Bucks 

Sept. 29  

50/$250 Student Scholarship Award

Oct. 6 

40/$500 Student Scholarship Award

Oct. 13 

30/$1,000 Student Scholarship Award

Final Week Prizes   

Drawing Date
Prizes Available/Description

Oct. 20

20/$3000 Student Scholarship Award

Oct. 20 

10/Non-reserved parking space in Flint Avenue Garage for Fall ‘21 and
Spring ‘22 



  • What is the purpose of the Vaccine Incentive Program?
    • This program is meant to incentivize those campus members who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine although all vaccinated members are eligible for the drawing. We respect the choice of those members of our community who can't or are choosing not to be vaccinated.
  • When does the program start and end?
    • The first drawing will take place on September 15 and the final drawing will take place on October 20. To be eligible for the final drawing, you must submit your CDC issued vaccination card that shows you have received both doses of the Pfizer and or Moderna vaccines or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson no later than 5:00 pm October 15. 
  • Am I required to participate? 
    • No, this is not a requirement; however, only those who are vaccinated participants will be eligible to win a prize. 
  • I cannot find my vaccine record, what should I do? 
    • If you misplaced your Vaccination Card after receiving your vaccine through Texas Health, you can get your COVID-19 vaccine record in several ways. These include: MyChart or the Health Information Management Department at Texas Health. If you received your vaccine through Texas Health or another provider, you may also get your vaccine record through ImmTrac. We are unable to recreate a Vaccination Card.
    • Download step-by-step instructions on the different ways you can get proof of vaccination.
  • Can I upload a picture of my COVID-19 Vaccine Card as proof of my vaccine?
    • Yes, your card, is your vaccination record. Please make sure that the picture you upload is legible and clear.
  • Will my vaccination record be stored? 
    • If you are a student, your record will be stored in our HIPAA protected immunization system that we use to store all immunization records. If you are an employee who is randomly selected to win a prize, your vaccination card is verified in person when you pick up your prize. 
  •  I received my vaccine months/weeks ago, am I eligible to participate? 
    • Yes, anyone who has received both doses of the Pfizer and or Moderna vaccines or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is eligible to participate. If you received a vaccination abroad, you must have received the full dosage that was prescribed to be eligible to participate. 
  • How will I know if I win? 
    • Drawings will take place each Wednesday, September 15-October 20 and winners are randomly selected. If you win you will be contacted by Texas Tech Emergency Management.
  • Who is eligible to Participate in the program? 
    • Current faculty/staff/students who are fully vaccinated are eligible for the drawings.
  • Can people win more than one prize? 
    • No, once a winner is randomly selected their name is removed from the system and cannot be selected again. 
  • If I win, may I give my prize to another person or decline it so I can remain in the pool for a different prize? 
    • No, the prize is exclusively for the winner who is randomly selected. While you can decline a prize, once your name is drawn it is not added back to the pool. 
  • Are the prizes taxable?  
    • Yes, the majority of the prizes are taxable personal benefits which will be reflected on an employee's Form W-2 as wages.  Student Scholarship Awards will be reflected in a student's Form 1098-T.  Tickets to nonsold out events may have a de minimus value and may not be required to be reported.   Prizes not reported in the manner previously described may be reported on a Form 1099-MISC or a Form 1042-S (international faculty, staff, and students).  A recipient information form will be required to be completed by the winner before a prize is awarded.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

  • Please email emergencymgmt@ttu.edu if you have additional questions. 



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