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Presented Posters & Papers

Maximizing profits via irrigation timing for capacity-constrained cotton production

Perceptions of Sustainable Textiles - Poster , Paper

Field Calibration of PR2 Capacitance Probe in Pullman
Clay-Loam Soil of Southern High Plains

Economic Analysis of Cover Crops in the Southern High Plains

Recruiting for Water College: Identifying Agricultural Producers'
Communication Channels and Influencers

Economic Advantages of Soil Moisture Probes on the Texas Southern High Plains

The Relationship Between Familiarity with the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation and Use of Water Conservation Behaviors

Profitability of 2 and 2 skip row planting

Using forages to conserve water in semi-arid irrigated cropping systems

Comparison of productivity and efficiency of grass-only and grass-legume beef stocker grazing systems

The Development of a Water College to Encourage Adoption of Irrigation Management Practices

Fractionating Rainfall into Vegetative Interception and Soil Infiltration in Perennial Grassland

Comparison of Center Pivot Low Elevation Spray and Low Energy Precision Application of Irrigation on Cotton in the Texas Southern High Plains

TAWC Presentations

Cotton - Field to Gin, Presented to Bayer Group August 2017 - Rick Kellison & Dr. Donna Mitchell

Cotton - Field to Gin, Presented at Kingpins Denim Days - presented by Rick Kellison

An Economic Analysis to Determine the Feasibility of Groundwater Supplementation from the Dockum Aquifer  - presented by Dr. Donna Mitchell

Demonstrated Water Conservation Technologies - presented by Rick Kellison at the Oklahoma Irrigation Conference

Linking Climate to Groundwater Conservation - presented by Dr. Chuck West

Water Footprint in High Plains Agriculture - presented by Dr. Chuck West

Potential Evapotranspiration: A practical approach to irrigating cotton - presented by Bob Glodt

Irrigating by the numbers and understanding the parameters - presented by Bob Glodt

Potential evapotranspiration: what atmospheric factors determine the daily conversion of liquid water to water vapor resulting in water loss from surface water and soil-plant system - presented by Dr. Dan Krieg

Water Supply & Demand - presented by Dr. Dan Krieg

 A Background of The Texas Alliance for Water Conservation - presented by Rick Kellison

Limited Water Supply Management - presented by Dan Krieg

Scheduling Cotton Irrigation 60% PET - presented by Bob Glodt

LEPA vs LESA Analysis on Cotton - presented by Rick Kellison

Economic Comparison of Cover Crop Use in Texas High Plains Cotton