Texas Tech University

Asphalt Laboratory

Texas Tech Civil Engineering Department has made a very strong commitment to develop a state-of-the-art testing capabilities for bituminous materials. Texas Tech has already acquired Superpave® Level I mix design capabilities and basic asphalt testing equipment. The 1200 ft2 bituminous materials laboratory and the 1000 ft2 aggregate characterization laboratory house the following equipment.

Asphalt Concrete Testing:

  • Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Device (double wheel)
  • 60 ft3 Large Forced Draft Oven
  • 20-Quart Mechanical Mixer
  • 5-Quart Mechanical Mixer
  • Portable Gyratory Compactor (Pine Model AFG1A)
  • Bulk Specific Gravity equipment
  • Rice Specific Gravity equipment
  • Marshall Mix Design Test equipment
  • Koch Materials Abrasion/Raveling Test equipment

Bituminous Binder Testing:

  • Small 5 ft3 Superpave® Oven
  • Brookfield DV-II+ Rotational Viscometer
  • TA Instruments Dynamic Shear Rheometer
  • Asphalt Ductility and Elastic Recovery Tester
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Laboratory Shaker for Chemicals
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