Texas Tech University

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The Environmental Sciences Laboratory (ESL) at Texas Tech University occupies nearly 3000 square feet of floor space and is stocked with the standard meters, balances, centrifuges, ovens, furnaces, incubators and specialized extraction and distillation glassware necessary for basic and advanced water quality examination. The ESL also includes gas and liquid chromatographs (GC-MS, GC-ECD, HPLC, GC and LC) atomic absorption units (graphite and flame), and an auto-analyzer. The lab is equipped to extract and quantify most environmental constituents including pH, fecal coliforms, total coliforms, bacteria, VOCs, semi-volatiles, organic acids, amines hydrocarbons, explosives, anions, catioins, metals, organic carbon, total nitrogen, and nutrients.

This facility is equipped with:

Transportation Research Environmental Lab
  • Computers at each workstation for data acquisition and process control
  • Networked plug and play sensors including pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and pressure with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Microprocessor driven outputs for automated control of experiments including drinking water treatment plants, bioreactors, and anaerobic digesters for methane production