Texas Tech University

Water Recovery Laboratory

The Water Recovery lab allows researchers to explore the issues related to wastewater recycling in a variety of habitats. The lab includes bench-top wastewater treatment systems including the Texas Tech University-Water Recovery System which has been the main focus of wastewater recycling experiments for approximately six years. Additionally, the lab contains other innovative micro-gravity compatible biological wastewater treatment systems, a reverse osmosis unit, ion exchange columns, and UV disinfection lamps. In order to characterize the wastewater quality during experiments, the lab contains other analytical equipment including HPLC, GC, TN/TOC analyzer, IC for anions, GC/MS, pH meters. Additionally, the lab contains general laboratory equipment such as balances, centrifuges, ovens, furnaces, and specialized extraction and distillation glassware necessary for basic water quality examination.

Transportation Research water lab