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Audio and Video Conferencing

Telecommunications provides both audio and video conferencing services for all departments at Texas Tech University. From standard toll-free audio conferencing to complete "webinar" meetings with video and presentations, employees are welcome to utilize the capabilities of TTU's unified communications conferencing services.

Ad hoc Conferences and Meetings

Conference calls can be instantly created while conversing with another individual. Simply use the 'invite more people' functionality of Skype for Business, or drag & drop a Skype for Business contact into an existing conversation. A multi-party conference call will be automatically set up without further actions on your part.

Scheduled Conferences and Meetings

Scheduling an online meeting is simple and straightforward using Microsoft Outlook with Skype for Business installed. While creating a meeting request, a simple click on the Skype for Business Meeting button is all that is required. One can send the meeting request to any e-mail account (TechMail, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) and people can join from where ever they are. Note, that audio conferences have a toll-free number for external callers. The maximum number of attendees in an audio/video conference is currently 50. If you have a need for larger conferences, please contact Telecommunications at 806.742.8000.

Learning More

Audio, video and data conferencing is a component of the University's unified communications strategy. A great wealth of information on audio and video conferencing can be found under the Skype for Business heading at the top of this page.


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