Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Arts - Dance



The dance program cultivates a supportive environment for students and faculty to innovate, and to grow artistically and intellectually. We foster excellence through intensive and rigorous dance education that combines high levels of technical training, practice as research, and interdisciplinary scholarship. By integrating the practical and the scholarly, the program serves as a vital force in the cultural and intellectual life of our society.



Our vision is to generate creative and versatile practitioners in professional artistry, pedagogy and scholarship. We support individuals who strive to add their creative voices to the field thereby advancing our profession.


Students accepted to Texas Tech University who wish to seek a Bachelor of Arts in Dance must also audition for the dance program. Auditions are held every spring semester and consist of prospective students learning and performing movement in contemporary, ballet, and jazz; solos will not be seen. Auditions also include an expository writing component. Acceptance to Texas Tech University does not ensure admission as a dance major. The number of hours required for the B.A. in Dance is 120, at least 40 of which must be at the junior and senior levels. The degree will provide students an opportunity to participate in a more individualized degree through the choice of elective courses for a minor from outside the major area discipline that is consistent with the university philosophy and policies for a liberal arts degree.