Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Arts - Theatre Arts

Elephant's Graveyard

For students interested in an intense liberal arts education, the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts offers broad exposure to the various elements of theatre arts. This degree program prepares students for further study at the graduate level or for careers in professional theatre, secondary education, or any field that builds on the skills and discipline of the performing arts.

The course sequence on the right includes general minor classes for subject areas in which students can complete classes in any order at any time. Please be aware that the minor in Education - Leading to Texas Teacher Certification - follows a much different pattern. To minor in Education, students must meet specific GPA requirements, testing standards, and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) through the College of Education. Application to the TEP typically does not occur until the student reaches approximately 70-75 credit hours. Teacher Certification will most likely add one full year to a student's program due to the one year student teaching requirement.