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Faculty now have three options to add the required and recommended statements to their course syllabi. This is intended to offer alternatives to save space on course syllabi and to allow for centralized updates to the policies as needed.


  1. The syllabus information is now included on the landing page when you log into Blackboard. The link to the required statements and, if desired, to recommended statements can be easily embedded in your Blackboard course from the My Institution view. The Linking Required and Recommended Syllabus Statements outlines the options for linking the statements in your course. Students can download these PDF documents if desired. We recommend that you add a statement to your syllabus that says, “Texas Tech Policies Concerning Academic Honesty, Special Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, and Student Absences for Observance of Religious Holy Days may be found on Blackboard.”
  2. If you prefer to add a link, you can find the required syllabus policies here: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/tlpdc/RequiredSyllabusStatements.php
    You can find a page with all recommended syllabus policies here: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/tlpdc/RecommendedSyllabusStatements.php If you prefer to add some recommended statements and not others, you may link to them one-by-one: 
    1. Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence Statement
    2. Civility in the Classroom Statement
    3. LBGTQIA Support Statement
    4. Statement About Food Insecurity
  3. You can add the required and/or recommended components directly to your syllabus as has been traditionally done.

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