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Collecting Student Feedback

Collecting student feedback throughout the semester is an effective way to assess how things are going in your class. The Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center offers confidential instructional diagnosis consultations for faculty members, instructors and teaching assistants. This process takes approximately 10-15 minutes of class time in which a consultant will visit your class, without you present, and elicit responses to questions that help you identify what is helping students learn and issues that are challenging or less satisfying to them. This is most effective when administered at the end of class. Student feedback is collected anonymously, typed and categorized before being shared with the instructor.

After meeting with your class the consultant will compile the students' responses so that you may discuss the results in a follow-up consultation. In this session your consultant will help you interpret the data collected from your students, and discuss with you how and if you should implement changes or communicate differently with your students.

To schedule an instructional diagnosis, please contact Suzanne Tapp by email or phone at 742-0133.

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