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General Resources

Information for the descriptions provided for the departments and services below was taken directly from the "About" section, mission, and/or vision statements published on the websites directly linked for each department/service. (July 2023). Please note that resources are listed alphabetically.

New Faculty Checklist

This document provides a list of things you will need to take care of as a new employee at Texas Tech University. Please note that this list is intended as an overall guide and there may be additional paperwork or things you need to complete for your individual position. Please be sure to work with your new department to identify the full list of expectations. 

Academic Resources

Academic Calendar

The office of Official Publications provides Academic Calendars in a variety of formats including a Detailed Calendar, Calendar-at-a-Glance, One-Page Calendar and Detailed Calendar for Import into Microsoft Outlook, which provide important dates and deadlines for anything related to academics. They also provide links to the TTU Final Examination Schedule.

Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost is responsible for the overall academic mission of the university. This involves working with the president, deans, faculty, students and staff to promote academic excellence throughout the institution.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar provides access to all course management documents, tools, and resources. They also offer resources and training for faculty and staff on programs and issues related to grading and reporting.

Faculty/Staff Resources
Training Sessions

Strategic Plan

Texas Tech University's Strategic Plan, A Foundation for the Next Century | A Pathway to 2025, focuses on three primary, comprehensive areas of focus as the university nears completion of its first century of service. This plan will provide a framework for the university moving forward and support our efforts to solidify Texas Tech's position as a premier public research university.

Faculty Procedure/Reporting

Faculty Handbook

The Texas Tech University Faculty Handbook is presented by the Office of the Provost as a convenient reference resource. It contains many statements of policy and existing arrangements but does not intend to cover all available information of relevance to faculty. More precise and detailed information may be obtained from appropriate administrative personnel or from other publications, some of which are listed below. Should exact text be needed, consult the document cited at the end of the pertinent section.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate acts on behalf of the faculty and serves as an advisory body to the President of the University and may consider all matters of university concern. Any member of the University community may bring a matter of university concern to the attention of the Senate. The Senate may make recommendations to the President of the University concerning the academic functions of the University, academic freedom and other matters pertaining to the welfare of the University, particularly those of special interest to the faculty. (Senate Constitution IV, 1-3).

Office of Planning and Assessment

The Office of Planning and Assessment (OPA) helps to monitor faculty credentialing and compliance with SACSCOC accreditation. DigitalMeasures is the software platform utilized by the OPA to electronically document a faculty member's academic and professional activities.

Tenure & Promotion

TTU is committed to retaining and promoting faculty whose work achieves a high standard of excellence and who demonstrate through the performance of their duties a commitment to professionalism and to the core university mission. Tenure and promotion of quality faculty are essential values and processes in strengthening academic quality and reputation.

General Information

Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is committed to student success by preparing learners to be ethical leaders for a diverse and globally competitive workforce. In support of the university's priorities, we strive to create collaborative partnerships among Texas Tech faculty and staff, community organizations, and students through programs, activities and events that develop students' professional skills, individual creativity, personal excellence and social awareness.

Division of Information Technology - Faculty Resources

The Division of Information Technology seeks to provide the highest quality service in technology on the TTU campus. To that end, the IT Division has put together a website with questions and resources specific to faculty needs.

Free Software Downloads
CyberSecurity Tips
IT Tech Support

Faculty ID

The University ID Office will expediently produce a secure all-in-one card utilizing the most advanced technology available to address all present and future needs with focus on maintaining the high standards and continued growth of the University.

Human Resources

The Human Resources site is a collection of the university's resources regarding employee training, management, benefits, and resources.

Employee Discounts
Employee Leave
Health & Wellness
Holiday Schedule
Mother-Friendly Workplace
Workplace Accommodations

On-Campus Dining

Hospitality Services invites you to experience a year of award winning dining choices and delicious food options. Let your appetite be your guide as you dine in a variety of food courts, mini-markets, kiosks and all-you-care-to-eat options.

Printing on Campus

Copy/Mail is located in Suite 100 of the Student Union Building. They offer copy/printing services as well as postal service.

Recreation Center

The Recreation Center strives to support, motivate, inform, and encourage our campus community to be active, eat well, and be fit.

Faculty Memberships

TTU Police Department

Our website provides a variety of crime prevention and safety information. In keeping with our community oriented philosophy, the Texas Tech Police Department works closely with the faculty, staff, and students on crime prevention and security programs. We provide 24 hour law enforcement and security services for the Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center locations. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment to live, learn, and educate. A safe and secure campus requires students, staff, faculty, and visitors to be vigilant and report all criminal and suspicious activities to the Texas Tech Police Department.

TTU Identity Guidelines

To help maintain a consistent identity, TTU has developed a centralized resource providing a list of university approved symbols (in high resolution), color schemes, and presentation templates for TTU faculty, staff, and students to utilize in the development of websites and other official presentations or publications.

Transportation & Parking Services

Texas Tech University and System employees can purchase a parking ePermit, which provides on-campus parking on the TTU campus. Those on campus manage their parking, including permits, contact information, vehicles, and citations, online through My Parking Account. Information regarding the buses on and off-campus can be found here.

Institutional Terminology & Programs


Texas Tech utilizes the Ellucian ERP suite of Banner products to facilitate student information, grade entry, etc. Banner products are generally embedded in other platforms such as Raiderlink. Faculty do not generally need to access Banner directly. However, people may say something like "faculty need to enter grades in Banner". Please do not worry about accessing a separate grade system – it is all conveniently located in Raiderlink.

Faculty Success (formerly called Digital Measures)

Faculty Success (formerly Digitial Measures) allows faculty to track academic and professional activities electronically. Keeping the Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) account up-to-date maintains TTU's faculty roster for SACSCOC reporting as well as a faculty member's HB 2504 compliance. Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) also allows faculty members and TTU to streamline reporting processes through customized reports such as the Annual Faculty report; Core Faculty Grants, Presentations, and Publications; and the CV report.


All TTU faculty are given an eRaider username and password is required to access many online resources (e.g., your TechMail email access, Blackboard online learning platform, etc.). Your hiring department should help you obtain and eRaider username and help you set up your eRaider account.

R number

Texas Tech faculty, staff, and students are all given a Texas Tech Identification Number commonly referred to as an "R number". Your department will communicate to you about your R number and help you get your eRaider user ID, which will help you access most of Texas Tech's online systems.


Raiderlink serves as a hub to access the different systems utilized on the TTU campus. Here you will find your access to course management, financial management, and human resources. This is also where you will go to post grades and access official forms such as add/drop or change of grade.


Texas Tech utilizes an online system called SmartEvals to administer end of semester student evaluations in all lectures, credit labs and seminars.


Texas Tech uses TechAlert to communicate important alerts and emergency response information to students, faculty and staff. Please update your contact information here.


TechAnnounce is an official email announcement/communication method for the Texas Tech University (TTU) community. TechAnnounce is for TTU use only and all announcements must be submitted by a TTU employee or current student representing a formal university organization.

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