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Resources for Online Instructors

Online instruction is continuing to rise in popularity and demand at Texas Tech University and the TLPDC is eager to help provide you with resources to help you teach well in an online environment. We know that faculty teaching online are dealing with many of the same questions and issues as face-to-face (F2F) instructors and can sometimes have to find new or different approaches to create the desired learning environment. Below are some resources to consider as you think through questions such as “How do I create rapport?” and “How can I create thoughtful assignments and discussions?” in an online setting.

Many thanks to resources and contributions of faculty including Ali Duffy.

How are online learners different from F2F learners?

How do I create rapport with online learners?

How can I create thoughtful assignments & discussions?

How do I assess online assignments?

What tools do other faculty utilize to stimulate online discussion?

General Resources for Teaching Online

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If you have additional questions about teaching online or resources we've missed, we would love to hear them. Please let us know.


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