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Helpful Design Tips


  • Arial or Times New Roman are the recommended fonts for readability and compliance with the TTU Identity Guidelines
  • 72 point or larger for poster titles
  • 36-54 point for section titles
  • 24-30 point for body text (at least 20 point is recommended)
  • Font sizes may vary depending on the viewing distance and amount of text to be included.


  • Zoom to "Fit" to see all of your poster
  • Zoom to 100% to see the actual printed size. Move back about 3 feet (or the anticipated viewing distance) and see if it is readable.
  • Zoom to 50% to make editing easier.


  • Avoid using small graphics downloaded from the web. They typically have very low resolution and are not scalable for poster printing.
  • Scan images at high resolution and reduce it later if necessary.
  • Be sure photos have good contrast and brightness for printing. Test on your home color printer to verify.


  • Avoid using busy patterns or images as the background, because they make text difficult to read.
  • TTU Identity Guidelines:
    • prohibit the use of TTU logos as backgrounds
    • the Double T may be placed in the footer of the poster
    • the academic shield should be placed in the title banner or header.
  • Plain backgrounds with contrasting text will make your text easier to read.
  • Avoid using heavy solid color backgrounds because extensive ink saturation will give your paper a wavy appearance.


Click on a thumbnail to download a template

36" x 48" Templates

 Research Poster 1-34X46

Research Poster 2-34X46

42" x 56" Templates:




Click on a thumbnail to open new browser window with higher resolution image, then right-click to save or copy the image:

 Coat_of _Arms




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