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Crash Quick Report App

This crash quick report app is designed to help people to report the basic crash information ( photos, accurate location, and related information) at the accident scene by smartphones or tablets. Those information will benefit for police to record and deal with crashes.

Web-based GIS Routing Assistance Tool

This web-based routing tool is based on the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (WAB), JavaScript, and HTML5/CSS3. Its main function includes an open code software structure, a routing model providing route information based on the inputs of vehicle type, pavement condition, and the construction information.

Web-based Bus Information

Transtech's Web-Public Transit Information System (W-PTIS) is an internet based bus information system that brings online bus information to the campus routes of Citibus. The basic function of W-PTIS is to provide real-time information to Tech students about the position of buses and their predicted arrival time to the stations. The extended functions will include an interactive on-line riding guidance system that helps students find the best bus route from any origin to any destination in Tech camps, and an extension to selected off-campus routes. The information is then made available on the World Wide Web and to wireless devices including internet capable cell phones, Palm Pilots, and other Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

Signal Coordination Assistant Tool

Check out this perfect assistant iphone app for traffic signal coordination control!

Evacution Analysis Tool

Transtech has developed a tool for evacuation analysis based on TransCAD. It is an add-in written in GISDK. It can be an ideal tool to assist the analysis of traffic patterns (time, speed, vc ratio, flow) after a closure of road section, an incident or even a disaster, which causes capacity drops for multiple roads. It also be able to assist the decision-making of evacuation planning thorough an traffic-orientated evacuation routing, shelter location determination and scheduing. Following video is a short introduction of the tool with limited functionalities. Please don't hensitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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