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High Impact Practice Grants

Summer 2019 HIP Grants

Group of students and staff from TrUE TTU

TrUE, with support from the Office of the Provost, invites applications for High Impact Practice grants. Grants will support novel efforts to increase the overall number of students and/or advance the inclusion of underrepresented populations participating in high impact practices (HIP) .

  • Grants may support individual projects related to undergraduate students or departmental undergraduate initiatives. 
  • Summer 2019 HIP Grants will support activities occurring before the close of the 2019-2020 fiscal year.
  • A maximum of $5,000 will be awarded for each project. 
  • Recipients must utilize funds and submit a progress report/documentation to TrUE by 5:00 p.m. August 30, 2019. 

2019 Summer HIP Grant Application deadline: May 30, 2019 

All funding requests received by the deadline will be reviewed by committee, and applicants will be notified of award decisions in early June. Funding requests received after May 30, 2019 will be assessed against available funds and institutional priorities.

HIP Grant Application

Your request will be submitted to the Center for Transformative Undergraduate Experiences. Please direct questions on the process or proposal status to erin.justyna@ttu.edu.

Please enter the title of funding project/initiative.
Please provide a summary of the effort supported by the requested funds.
Please select the status of the proposed initiative.
Please choose where the proposed initiative will be implemented.
Please select each population which will be impacted by the initiative.
Please enter the approximate number of individuals to be impacted by this proposal.
Please indicate the dollar amount of funding being requested (up to $5,000).
Please indicate which TTU Strategic Priorities are addressed by initiative.
Please detail how the proposed expenditure would be evaluated for its performance in each of the strategic priority areas previously indicated.
Please enter an approximate date by which expenditures would be complete.
Please enter the requestor’s name, title/role, phone number.
Please enter the requestor's ttu email address.
Please provide a 16A FOP for fund administration.
Please indicate whether the initiative has been approved by the requestor's supervisor.
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