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2021 OUR & OFM Awards

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The 2020-21 Academic Year was full of unique obstacles and new challenges. The TrUE Team was overwhelmed by the inspiring stories of Texas Tech students and faculty coming together to overcome these hurdles with creativity, patience, kindness, and excellence. It is our pleasure to take a moment to recognize a few of these outstanding students and faculty under the banner of our traditional Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher (OUR) and Outstanding Faculty Mentor (OFM) awards.

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Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Awards

These incredible undergraduate scholars were recognized for making outstanding contributions through their research and creative activities in the 2020-2021 academic year. Click on the graphics below to expand and view in their own windows.

Abegale Williams
Aldo Hernandez
Amelia Gillespie
Andrea Perez
Annie Pham
Brennan Mabry
Cormak Weeks
Courtney Nichols
Hunter Heck
Jacob Evans
Jad Zeitouni
Joshua Duong
Logan Boyd
Madeline Slimp
Nick Clark
Raimi Clark
Rianne Swecker
Yasmin Saes

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Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awards

The Texas Tech University faculty members listed below are recognized for their superb contributions to the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities landscape at TTU. Click on the graphics below to expand and view in their own windows.

Robert Bradley
Lauren Gollohan
Marc Lochbaum
Wilna Oldewage
Zemfira Karamysheva
Zhe Wang
Andreas Neuber
Gerardo Gamez
Janis Elliott
Jhones Sarturi
Luis Cuello
Malinda Colwell
Nural Akchurin
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