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TrUE Project Funding

Thank you for your interest in our Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Project Funding program. Please note that we are piloting a new program design for Fall 2020 with two key changes:

  1. The initial project application must be submitted by the project faculty mentor (this replaces our previous mentor letter of support requirement)
  2. Project funding will be awarded as a student stipend in either the amount of $500 or $1,000 (see details below)

Please carefully review the updated program guidelines below. Also, as we work to improve our programming, we would love your feedback! Please feel free to email suggestions on how TrUE can improve our project funding program to ryan.m.bain@ttu.edu

Faculty Role

Every faculty mentor will need to apply per student for a project funding proposal. If the faculty or the faculty's department is providing funds for the proposed student project, a FOP will need to be provided to document availability of funds for the TrUE funding. Once the completed application is submitted, we will start the review process, which generally takes less than 2 weeks.

Student Role

The student's faculty advisor may ask them to help complete portions of the application. Students, even if they don't ask, you should ask to help.

Project Funding Decision and Next Steps

Typically, within 2 weeks of the completed funding request, a funding decision will be made, and both the faculty mentor and student will be notified by email. For projects that are funded, the student will have two weeks to schedule a virtual meeting with the TrUE Undergraduate Research Administrator (URA) specified in the funding decision email. If the student does not meet with the URA by the date specified in the email, they forfeit their funding opportunity. At the URA meeting, the student will receive forms to complete and submit to TrUE's Business Coordinator.

Project Funding Amounts

In an effort to maximize the impact of program funds and encourage new investments in undergraduate research and creative activities, the Fall 2020 pilot will prioritize funding for projects with matching support from department, college, or external sources. TrUE awards are made for either $500 or $1,000; however, the maximum award for a project without matching support is $500. Projects including non-TrUE matching support can request a $1,000 stipend. The project application form requests details regarding the natural and source of matching support which will need to be confirmed prior to funding.

What is a stipend?

A stipend means the student receives a one-time payment from Texas Tech University. TrUE will not require a time sheet to report their hours worked with their mentor. There are no health benefits associated with a stipend. This stipend is to help offset the cost for the student's research as determined by the student. Please keep in mind that this stipend may be taxed. As far as taxes, understand this means that when the student receives the stipend, there will be no withholdings and the student will have to include this income on their own taxes. Texas Tech Payroll and Tax Services will send a Form 1099-MISC to the student to report the award payment to the IRS if the total award payments from TTU exceeds $600 throughout the year, but the student is expected to include that income on their tax return. All non-US resident students who do not have a US social security number will be required to complete a W8BEN. Please be aware tax holding may be up to 30% for non-US residents. Student questions regarding taxes can be directed to the Payroll and Tax Services Department or a tax professional. Please keep in mind that the Payroll and Tax Services Department cannot give tax advice.


Application Now Open!

Our Fall 2020 Undergraduate Research & Creative Arts Project Funding Application is now Open!