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Undergraduate Research

undergraduate research

TrUE seeks to engage the university community in undergraduate research initiatives. The Center provides support and funding for undergraduate students and faculty while developing innovative programs and activities to enhance undergraduate research at the university level and beyond. Undergraduates engaged through the Center have the opportunity to apply concepts from their college courses to real life situations and further their academic/creative achievement.

The Center is committed to the discovery and advancement of knowledge, creating intellectual and personal development, and stimulating and inspiring meaningful research and service for both faculty and students.

What is Undergraduate Research?

  • An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.
  • An opportunity to learn more about a particular field of interest.
  • A chance to test and apply new theories that may solve pressing, real-world problems

How Does the Center Help Students?

  • Provides direction & support for undergraduate students interested in conducting research
  • Facilitates workshops for students targeted at organizing, conducting, and presenting research, as well as preparing for graduate school & graduate admission testing
  • Creates collaborations and dialogues to support faculty, staff, and organizations engaged in undergraduate research initiatives
  • Hosts the annual TTU Undergraduate Research Conference, which provides an opportunity for undergraduate researchers to present their research to the campus community
  • Recognizes outstanding undergraduate researchers & faculty mentors

How to Get Started

  • Register with TrUE to receive helpful information and research updates Explore local and national undergraduate research possibilities through the Center's website
  • Visit the Center to meet with staff to guide you through the research process
  • Determine your research interest and commitment
  • Attend the TTU Undergraduate Research Conference each spring to see what research other students are producing

How Conducting Undergraduate Research Benefits You

  • Enhances student learning through mentoring relationships
  • Allows students to explore an understanding of research methodology
  • Creates and promotes an innovation-oriented culture
  • Provides effective career preparation Increases student retention rates and enrollment in graduate education