Texas Tech University

Service Break Partners

Service Breaks work with many partners to insure that our participants have the best experience possible.

Service Break Partners

Community Partners

A Community Partner is a nonprofit or community group that exists to work with the assets and needs present in communities (i.e. food security or ecosystem restoration) to serve their clients and constituents. They utilize volunteers to build capacity for their work and do not charge fees for volunteer project coordination. Volunteer groups may work with one or many Community Partners for Service Break trips.

Intermediary Organizations

An Intermediary Organization works to create high-quality service, learning, and/or immersion experiences for groups. Often, IOs will charge an overhead fee to plan or provide housing, meals, transportation, workshops, project coordination, cultural events, local tours, etc. IOs may recruit volunteers as part of programming and often can help provide connections to local entities and community organizations. Some Intermediary Organizations work in multiple locations and may have an office outside of the area(s) in which they work.

Housing Partners

Housing partners provide safe, reliable, and affordable housing options for Service Breaks. Various organizations, individuals, and community centers have helped support Service Break groups.