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Service Break Leaders

Service Break Site Leaders TTU True

The Site Leader (student leader) position is a time-intensive, demanding, and rewarding enterprise. Site Leaders prepare throughout the planning process in order to lead their Service Break. This leadership opportunity can be a very personal and integral part of one's collegiate experience.

Site Leaders are held to high standards, and we seek dedicated individuals who will delve into the social issues explored in their service. Dedicated students will emerge as well-rounded and educated leaders who are ready to take their community service experience to a new level and become active citizens.

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The responsibilities of the Site Leader prior to a Service Break trip are:

  • Design a trip itinerary
  • Maintain contact with service sites
  • Educate participants and the public about their social issue
  • Plan a pre and post-trip service project in the local community
  • Help plan and attend meetings with SB advisor

The responsibilities for the Site Leader during the Service Break trip are:

  • Establish and support positive group dynamics
  • Lead daily reflections
  • Address participant concerns
  • Manage the trip budget along with the SB advisor
  • Work to ensure a meaningful experience for the entire SB group
  • Drive a SUV/Van (contingent on approval and experience)


  • Must have participated in at least one CSB
  • Current good standing status as an enrolled student at TTU
  • Knowledge & passion for service, education, and adventure
  • Self-motivation & organizational skills, including the ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to lead a group of peers by creating a comfortable, safe, and inclusive environment