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Abstract Submission


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Sample Abstract (Single Author)

Abstract Title:
Of Squirrels and Men: A Story of Platelet Storage

Name of Author(s): Bailee Sliker, Scott Cooper

Abstract: Platelets are routinely used in transfusions, yet they cannot be stored in a refrigerator or else they will be cleared rapidly when re-injected into a patient. The objective of this experiment is to see if platelets from ground squirrels are resistant to cold storage, and thus could serve as a model to develop methods to store human platelets in the cold. To test this we will flourescently label platelets from humans and ground squirrels, store them at 4C and 37C for up to 48 hours, and measure their uptake by cultured human liver cells. Previous research has shown that human platelets stored at 4C are rapidly taken up and we predict that ground squirrel platelets stored at 4C will be resistant to this cold storage.

Important Guidelines

Abstract submission for the 2020 TTU Undergraduate Research Conference is now open till January 24, 2020(11:59 PM).

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  • Only the primary presenter needs to submit an abstract, and only one abstract should be submitted for each presentation. (Don't forget that you will need to register for the conference INDIVIDUALLY, once accepted to present.)
  • All formatting and special characters (e.g., scientific symbols) will not be processed by the form. Your abstract text should be in plain text format.
  • There is no minimum size for an abstract, but the main text, which should NOT include author and title information, may be no longer than 2000 characters.
  • Abstracts longer than 2000 characters will not be accepted.
  • The author information will be entered on a separate part of the registration form. Do not add as part of the abstract.
  • Communication regarding your abstract submission will be from true@ttu.edu.

Additional Considerations

  • Abstracts should state, in clear terms, the central research question and the purpose of the research.
  • Abstracts should provide a brief discussion of the research methodology.
  • Abstracts should state conclusions, either final or anticipated.
  • Abstracts should be well organized.
  • The abstract could appear in the program exactly as you submit it, so check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation carefully.
  • Abstracts should be reviewed by faculty mentor for editing and verification before submission.
  • Faculty Mentor review/support will be confirmed through a validation process.
  • Abstracts that do not receive Faculty Mentor support will not be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot edit your abstract after it is submitted. Proofread your abstract carefully.