Texas Tech University

TSI Appeals Support

TSI Contract Statement

As stated in the TSI Student Contract:

-If I exceed my five (5) allotted absences, I will have five (5) business days (Monday-Friday) from the date of my sixth absence to file an appeal of withdrawal with documentation for my absences to the TSI Office. Instructions will be sent to my TTU e-mail address.

Appeal of Withdrawal Process

Students who have exceeded their five allotted absences will receive an email to their TTU email address regarding their specific appeal of withdrawal. If you are concerned that you have exceeded your five allotted absences, please check your TTU email regularly or email TSI@ttu.edu for questions and concerns.

Once you have submitted the TSI Appeal of Withdrawal Form, you will receive additional information via email in regards to meeting with the TSI Associate Director and any information regarding completion and status of your appeal of withdrawal.


How to complete and submit an appeal of withdrawal:

  1. Open the TSI Appeal of Withdrawal Form
  2. Enter your full name (first and last).
  3. Enter yourTSI course and instructor's name.
    1. Your dates of absence can be found in the appeal of withdrawal notification email that is sent to your TTU email address.
  4. In the text box, please provide explanation for ALL unexcused absences, regardless of the reason for absence.
  5. If you have any letters, notes, or additional information regarding any of your absences, please upload all that are applicable. 
    1. Make sure to select the applicable boxes if uploading any documentation. 
  6. Once the required information has been entered on all the pages, make sure to click "Submit".
  7. Your appeal of withdrawal form will be submitted and you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submission.


NOTE: The confirmation of submission email is NOT indication that your appeal has been approved or denied. You will be required to meet with the Associate Director before your appeal is approved or denied.  


Important Reminders

  • Students MUST continue attending class during the appeal process. Absences accrued during the appeal process will be added to the student's absence total.
  • The letter of explanation must include explanation for ALL absences. The more information provided, the better the TSI office can assist you.



For questions and concerns regarding your TSI appeal of withdrawal or attendance, please email TSI@ttu.edu.

Please include your full name and R# in all emails to the TSI Office.