Texas Tech University

TSI Advising Assistance

Advising for Summer & Fall 2021 has begun!


Students who received a DD or DF for their midterm grade will be required to complete a TSI advising appointment prior to registering for the Summer or Fall 2021 semester. You will receive an email from your TSI advisor letting you know if you are required to schedule an appointment and the instructions for scheduling the appointment.

If you are not required to meet with your TSI advisor prior to registration, you will receive an email detailing your next steps for completing your TSI requirements.

Here is what you need to know for your appointment:

  1. Zoom and Phone Appointments Only: all TSI advising appointments will occur over via Zoom or phone. If you chose a phone appointment, it is YOUR responsbility to contact the TSI Office at 806-742-3242 at your appointment time.
  2. Computer with Internet Connection is NOT required: during the appointment your TSI advisor will discuss your current TSI course and advise you on your next step.

 Summer/Fall 2021 Advising

Didn't get the email? Contact the TSI Office at tsi@ttu.edu and an advisor will assist you!

Already met with an advisor? Great! You are good to go for registration.