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Language Arts: Reading
Fourth-grade students read from a variety of sources including fiction and nonfiction novels, textbooks, newspapers, and magazines. They begin to read to learn, as well as to realize the joy of reading. There are many opportunities to determine the main idea, identify supporting details, interpret figurative language, and describe mental images that text descriptions evoke.

Language Arts: Phonics/Spelling
Fourth-grade students review the phonics program from the third grade, recall the basic sounds that the 72 phonograms make, and identify vowels and consonants. They also learn how to use compound words, root words, and derivatives that are formed by adding prefixes and suffixes. There is an in-depth study of helping verbs, action verbs, and verb tenses, with particular attention given to irregular verbs. The spelling list for fourth grade includes the final 500 words of the 1,000 most frequently-used words in literature, as well as 120 words from a challenge list.

Language Arts: Grammar/Composition
Fourth-grade students delve in-depth into grammar concepts through a sequential program that is enjoyable and purposeful. Students will use grammar as a tool for writing and speaking effectively. They will extend their composition skills by creating compositions to inform, tell a story, persuade, compare and contrast, and tell how to do something. Students are encouraged to develop their own unique style of writing as they apply grammatical concepts to their compositions. View TEKS.
Course: ELEM ELAR 4A / Print
Schedule Number: 8959
Instructor(s): Judith Hodnett
Units: 0.5 Academic Credits
Lessons/Exams: 2 lessons, 1 final exam
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