HIGH SPAN 2A / Print

This intermediate course reviews and expands vocabulary and expressions describing home, school, vacation activities, and service occupations. Teaches students to describe acquaintances and relationships, and ask and tell about leisure activities, dislikes, and concerns. Reviews and expands use of verbs. Note: Due to the nature of the lesson assignments for this course, we are unable to accept assignments via e-mail. View TEKS. View sample of course guide.

Required textbooks (Sold separately):
  • Woodford, Protase E., and Conrad J. Schmitt (2005 Texas Edition). Glencoe Spanish 2 "¡Buen viaje! New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies. ISBN 0078663636
  • Woodford, Protase E., and Conrad J. Schmitt (2005). Glencoe Spanish 2 ¡Buen viaje!
    Workbook and Audio Activities (does not include audio CD). New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies. ISBN 0078619726
  • Audioprogram CDs to accompany Glencoe Spanish 2 ¡Buen viaje!
Course: HIGH SPAN 2A / Print
Schedule Number: 6515
Instructor(s): Esmeralda Arismendez
Laura Cook
Victor Munoz
Maria Heredia-Lara
Units: 0.5 Academic Credits
Lessons/Exams: 8 lessons, 1 final exam
Tuition & Mandatory Fees:
       9th - 12th Grade Courses $185.00
       Compact Disk (CD) - SPAN 2A Audio CD Set (v.2.0) $15.00
       Course Guide - SPAN 2A (#6515) $0.00
       Print Course Surcharge - Print course fee $25.00