HIGH HIST 1A / Online

Begins with a brief review of America's birth and the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Covers U.S. history from Reconstruction to the end of World War I. Includes the return of the South to the Union, the development of big business and its relationship with government, and the expansion of the Western frontier. Addresses the expansion of American cities and their role as ethnic melting pots, the activities of political parties, and the organization of labor and farm reform groups. Covers in detail American expansion into Asia and Latin America, as well as the causes and results of World War I. View TEKS.

Required textbook (Sold separately):
  • Andrew Cayton, et al. (2003). America: Pathways to the Present. Prentice Hall: Needham, Massachusetts. 0-13-062917-0
No sections of this course are currently being offered.

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