ELEM MATH 1A / Print

First-grade students solve addition and subtraction up to 18; recognize all coins, the dollar symbol, and decimal; write number sentences using addition and subtraction; group by 10 when counting; and regroup using a numberline and counters. Students tell time to within five minutes, measure objects to the nearest inch and centimeter, and recognize number words zero through ninety-nine. Children select numbers with the greatest and least values, complete a pattern of shapes, and understand the concept of fractions. View TEKS.
Course: ELEM MATH 1A / Print
Schedule Number: 8694
Instructor(s): Brenna Gaskins
Units: 0.5 Academic Credits
Lessons/Exams: 2 lessons, 1 final exam
Notes: v.3.0
Tuition & Mandatory Fees:
       Course Guide - Elem Math 1A Sch. 8694 $0.00
       K-5th Grade Courses $185.00