ELEM LANG 1B / Print

Continues teaching independent reading, placing events in a story in sequence, recalling major ideas from a story, and categorizing information from a story into a chart. Continues practice in predicting outcomes and setting a purpose for reading, answering basic comprehension questions, and describing the main idea of a passage.

The student will learn two letters and then begin blending sounds to read and unblending sounds to spell, review daily all previous learning and complete worksheets for continued reinforcement, learn to spell by using knowledge of the spelling rules taught rather than by using only memorization, learn common suffixes and selected prefixes, read from small books (controlled, decodable readers) that contain words with sounds they can blend, participate in games and activities that motivate, reinforce, and remediate. Literature Extensions, carefully selected from core reading lists, provide practice in literary analysis and comprehension skills as well as an activity for phonics reinforcement.
Students will be able to choose between D'Nealian or block-style manuscript letters. Students learn the importance of a clean work area and good posture.

Students continue to maintain a personal journal and record original thoughts and ideas on paper. Continues practice of writing basic sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. Teaches identification and appropriate use of compound words, and teaches the different parts of a book. View sample of course guide.
No sections of this course are currently being offered.

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