ELEM SOCS 1A / Print

Students identify types of homes, construct a model home and learn what makes a home unique. Explores different cultures, and helps students recognize differences in vegetation grown in a field and in a forest and geographical and climate differences around the world. Teaches about historical figures such as Thomas Edison and Amelia Earhart, and looks at their contributions to society. View TEKS. View sample of course guide.
Course: ELEM SOCS 1A / Print
Schedule Number: 5467
Instructor(s): Brenna Gaskins
Units: 0.5 Academic Credits
Lessons/Exams: 3 lessons, 1 final exam
Tuition & Mandatory Fees:
       Course Guide - ELEM SOCS 1A (v.2.0) $0.00
       K-5th Grade Administrative Fee $40.00
       K-5th Grade Courses $135.00