ELEM LANG 4A / Print

Students read from a variety of sources including fiction and non-fiction novels, textbooks, newspapers, and magazines. Emphasizes reading to learn as well as for the joy of reading. Presents opportunities to determine the main idea, identify supporting details, interpret figurative language, and describe mental images evoked by text descriptions.

Reviews phonics skills through spelling and writing activities. Spelling lists are developed around phonics elements, spelling patterns, and high-frequency words. Integrates writing into independent activities, allowing students to apply correct spelling skills. Weekly assessments include writing sentences from dictation.

Delves into grammar concepts through a sequential program that is enjoyable and purposeful. Students use grammar as a tool for writing and speaking effectively. Teaches students to extend composition skills by writing assignments to inform, tell a story, persuade, compare and contrast, and tell how to do something. Encourages students to develop their own unique style of writing as they apply grammatical concepts to their compositions. View TEKS. View sample of course guide.
No sections of this course are currently being offered.

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