Where in the world is the Scott family?


February 21, 2008

The adventurous Scott family has not only camped at parks in 20 states around the nation, but they have embarked on an adventure with Texas Tech University Independent School District. Beginning in January of 2003, Rebecca, 13, and Stephanie, 11, enrolled in TTUISD at the advice of one of their teachers. The teacher, aware of the Scott family's passion for travel, recommended TTUISD because it would give them the ability to move at their own pace and give them a flexible schedule no matter where they were around the globe.

Dr. and Mrs. Scott aren't kidding when they say that ODE's flexible schedule really works for their family. The Scott's enjoy traveling to such places as the giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada, the Black Hills of South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore and the White Mountains of eastern Maine to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. They also made a trip to Texas to visit the Matagorda Island Texas State Park to see the endangered Whooping Cranes in their natural habitat.

The Scott's most recent adventure included a trip to Japan and mainland China this past October. While visiting, the Scott's traveled on a two-day hike on the remote area of the Great Wall of China and visited with the local peoples.

Rebecca is currently taking ninth and tenth grade classes. Paula, the girls' mother, says one of Rebecca's favorite parts of the program is her ability to self-monitor her pace. "Rebecca loves the flexibility of TTUISD and she has opted to take CBE courses for quite a few of her credits; this allows her to move at a pace comfortable for her." Rebecca also enjoys art classes, ballroom dancing, piano lessons, and participating in a chorale that performs at local events.

Stephanie is finishing up the fifth grade. Paula says Stephanie enjoys TTUISD because of the atmosphere she is able to create for herself while studying. "She loves TTUISD because she can be at home for her studies. She really enjoys the relaxed and supportive atmosphere." Stephanie also enjoys art projects and fashion design, as well as, her drama classes and piano lessons.

While the Scott's travel around the world and participate in many adventures, they are thankful that their family can still receive a world-class education from Texas Tech.

written by Haley Davis

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