From TTUISD to an Ivy League


August 08, 2013

Camille Carter knows that hard work and dedication pays off. Her grades have always been important to her, and after graduating from TTUISD in 2012, Camille began her college career at an Ivy League school, the University of Pennsylvania.

Camille and her mom, Jeanie, first began discussing the possibility of a home school program when Camille was in middle school. Her father had a job in Anchorage, Alaska while Camille and her mom lived in Houston, and they wanted to be able to spend more time with him. Camille and her mom first learned about the TTUISD program while attending the Texas Home School Coalition Conference in The Woodlands, Texas.

“We wanted a program that would give regular Texas High School credits,” Camille said. “We wanted one school that offered all the classes I would need in order to graduate. We also wanted a graduation ceremony. TTUISD had everything that we needed.”

Enrolling in an independent study program such as TTUISD does not come without some adjustments, and Camille will be the first to admit that. She said independent study was a new experience for her and balancing everything could be challenging at times. However, the independent and self-paced nature of the TTUISD program allowed Camille to focus more in-depth on her course work without the distractions of a traditional school environment. The flexibility of the curriculum also allowed her to go on six overnight college visits during her senior year, take classes on campus at Lone Star College - Kingwood, and take a SAT Prep class.

As dedicated to her studies as Camille was during her time at TTUISD, even she admits that it was nice to be able to go to the mall at 11 a.m. or to go out of town without having to wait for a school holiday. However, she wants current or future TTUISD students to keep in mind that diverting from your normal school schedule will require the work to be made up at another time. She stresses the importance of trying to work ahead if you know you will miss a few days or will have to deviate from your normal schedule.

“I think it is important to set goals,” she said. “You definitely want to graduate from high school and be prepared for college or a job when you graduate from TTUISD.”

Now a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Camille is studying Biology and hopes to be a dentist in seven years. Outside of her academic studies, Camille holds a work-study job in the Dental Library, sings in an a cappella group with 13 other girls, and even volunteers with a group of students who teach music to elementary school children.

“My experience with TTUISD was very positive,” Camille said. “I give TTUISD a lot of credit for helping me get here.”

Camille Carter’s story is part of the” TTUISD Alumni: Where are They Now?”series.

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