Family Grows With TTU


June 11, 2014

Amy and Mike Berry were searching for a solution.

Unhappy with the public schooling system, the two Texas Tech University alumni wanted a different path for their children’s education and began the hunt for an alternative option.

Research led them to discover Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD), which the Berrys knew was a perfect fit.

TTUISD’s curriculum, both challenging and fun, met the their high standards and the two chose to enroll 9-year-old Cody and 5-year-old Scout in August 2013.

The now fifth and first grade students have transitioned easily to homeschooling as Amy structured and organized Cody and Scout’s lessons to simulate the time they would spend in a classroom.

The students start their school day at 8:30 a.m. and work as fast or slow as they need to, all while making time for bicycle rides and play dates with other homeschool friends.

“It allows me to work at my own pace so I can move along and skip some things that I already know,” Cody said, “and also work slower on things that I need to relearn or work more on, so I feel that this is a great opportunity and I really enjoy TTUISD.”

With TTUISD’s flexibility, Amy can plan special activity days where the children conduct experiments and complete projects, like creating a terrarium, evaporating salt water, and building a windsock.

The Berrys have enjoyed these opportunities and more since joining TTUISD, and below, Amy shares her experience with future parents.

Q: How did you find out about TTUISD?

A: When our family decided to pursue homeschooling, the mountain of available resources overwhelmed me. I currently reside outside of Texas and found my current state's homeschool website less than useful. I had to return to what I knew and trusted — Texas! I visited the Texas Homeschool Coalition website and learned of the convention that was to be held that year in Houston. I planned to attend in order to grasp an understanding of what curriculum would best suit my children. As I skimmed the website, I was scrolling right through the sponsors when the TTUISD logo stopped me mid-frame! I was elated! I immediately clicked on the website, and the journey began!

Q: Why did you choose to enroll Scout and Cody?

A: After thorough research, I learned TTUISD was exactly the program I desired for my children. The curriculum is challenging, easy to follow, and fun, not only for the child, but the parent as well. I enrolled my children in the TTUISD program because I believe the well thought out assignments and discussions provide my children with an in-depth, solid understanding of the material presented enabling them to master the courses.

Q: What are the benefits of TTUISD from a parent perspective?

A: The TTUISD curriculum allows me as a parent to be engaged and involved in my children's education. I am confident both my children are being provided an education that meets the high standards and expectations both my husband and I have for our children. The TTUISD program is designed in a way that easily allowed our family to transition from public school to excelling through the courses at an appropriate speed. Because the courses are laid out in a "grade level" format, it was easy to determine our starting point. In addition, if public schooling was necessary in the future for some reason, I can say with assurance, my children will have been given the necessary academic tools to be successful in the classroom. We are proud to be a part of TTUISD!

Q: What would you want prospective TTUISD parents to know about enrolling their students?

A: The freedom of homeschooling provides an opportunity to grow and work together as a family. The bonds we have built in our relationships will remain with us forever. TTUISD allows our family the time to truly live and appreciate who we are as individuals as we support and love each other.

By enrolling your children in the TTUISD program, you are investing in your child's future and you are also choosing to be a part of another family, the TTUISD Red Raider staff! The TTUISD staff is amazing! As a parent, we often have questions about how to best provide for our children; I would like to encourage prospective TTUISD parents to know the staff is there for you and your children. Their passion is providing your children with an outstanding education while providing parents a peace of mind — knowing the benefit of investing in this time with TTUISD leads children down the path to a successful future!

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