TTUISD Student Rallies Between School and Tennis

November 14, 2008

Playing tennis has always been a way of life for Joey, a fourteen-year-old TTUISD student from Dallas, Texas. Joey's father, the Director of Tennis at a country club, got him and his brother Luke, 11, involved in the sport when Joey was only four years old.

As the boys began to participate in more tennis tournaments, it became necessary to travel over long weekends. An education program that would give them flexibility with their studies was needed to accommodate their education as well as tennis. Joey said an added benefit of TTUISD is the self-paced coursework.

"I like that you can spend a lot of time on one subject if you want," Joey said, "I think you learn more because your mind is on one thing." Both boys enjoy the fact that through TTUISD they have more time to devote to tennis, as well as their other hobbies which include art, basketball, playing the guitar and recently skateboarding.

The flexibility of the TTUISD program allows their family to take the time to travel to tournaments that they would not be able to participate in due to the restrictions of traditional school. The competitive nature of their sport requires Joey and Luke to travel around Texas once a month and compete in national tournaments in December. They said some of their favorite places they have visited so far have been Colorado and New York, where they watched the U.S. Open tournament. Some of their travels have also been educational, such as on a family trip to Washington D.C. where the boys had the opportunity to learn United States history.

An added benefit is the time they get to spend together as a family. Julie, the boys' mother, said they have the pleasure of evenings together, having dinner and sharing in the responsibilities of the household chores.

"The boys have also learned a lot of things they would not have had time to learn about if they were not being homeschooled," Julie said. "When their grandmother visits they can spend more time with her which I think is important. I think you can learn a lot from talking to people who are from an older generation."

Joey’s love for tennis also allows him to mix work with play. Two mornings a week, he works at a country club tennis shop alongside his dad. As he learns about running a business, he is able to enjoy being at a job where he gets to be around the sport that he loves.

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