TTUISD Student from Down Under


May 05, 2009

When Rachel moved to Australia with her parents from Lubbock, Texas, she initially excelled in the new classroom environment. However, as time went on, she was teased by others who said she was “too smart.” Combined with the opportunity for the family to travel for business, they were looking for a better solution for Rachel’s education.

Rachel’s mother, Yvonne, found TTUISD through a friend whose son was living in Pennsylvania and enrolled in the program. Yvonne realized it was the perfect solution for their family. They could take the TTUISD curriculum on their travels, incorporate it into what was going on around them, ensure that there were rewards, not teasing, for excelling, and would allow them, as her parents, to take an active part in making education fun and enticing for Rachel.

“Couple that with the fact that Rachel will actually hold a high school diploma upon completion of the program and be eligible for college entrance exams; it was a shoo-in,” Yvonne said.

In 2008, their family traveled back to the U.S. twice, to Japan for a month, to Hong Kong and even Brazil. Yvonne said TTUISD is flexible and will make the most of their time, whether they’re at home or away. She also said she loves the flexibility the program offers and knowing Rachel is getting more from her school day than she had been.

Rachel, now 11, says she enjoys being taught by her parents, and she particularly enjoys math and science. She likes that they don’t have to drive to school, thereby reducing greenhouse emissions, which helps the environment. She loves playing with her friends, traveling, drama classes, her new puppy, speed skating and her Nintendo DS.

“TTUISD is a family commitment and we all contribute and benefit from it,” Rachel’s dad, Alan, said.

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