Not Just Electives


May 28, 2009

The ninth time is a charm for TTUISD graduate Jordan Clingan of Trophy Club, Texas. After attending eight other schools, she recently graduated with her high school diploma.
After looking at courses she would need for her senior year, Jordan found she only needed English, government, economics and one elective course in order to graduate. Because of this, she looked at enrolling with TTUISD.
“I didn’t want to spend my entire senior year taking a bunch of electives just to fill my schedule,” she said. “I met with my counselor and principal to discuss finishing my senior year through the program at TTUISD and they agreed that this program would be a good option for me.”
By enrolling at TTUISD, Jordan was able to work full-time as a lifeguard in order to save money for college.
“They allowed me to work during the day while most people my age were in school,” she said, “and I had my nights and weekends free to work on school work and enjoy some time with my friends.”
Jordan also like setting the pace of her course work to be able to fit her schedule.
“I like the fact that I knew how many lessons I had to complete and I could look ahead to see what needed to be done for each lesson so I could adjust my schedule,” Jordan said. “I could always work on part of a future lesson while waiting for the completed lesson to be graded.”
Of the courses she has taken, Jordan liked history the most because of the affect it had on the country.
“With this being an election year,” she said, “it was good to remind myself of how our country began and what has happened in our few years as a nation.”
Jordan continues to work as a lifeguard at the Great Wolf Lodge and will attend Mississippi State University in the fall.

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