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Header - What is University Coaching?

University Coaching helps you make the most of your time at Texas Tech by offering personalized, one-on-one meetings with a certified Life Coach. These meetings are designed to help you establish personal, professional, and academic goals. During your time with a coach, you will create plans and identify the resources and skills needed to turn your goals into reality.

Header - What can you talk about with a University Life Coach?

Anything... Yes, anything! We often say "we're here for you to talk about anything from bad grades to breakups."

The student experience and making the most of it at TTU can be challenging and complex. Our goal is to help you build the future that you want.

Header - What to Expect in Coaching and the questions we ask

Students will arrive at Drane Hall 227 to check in, and then have a 40–50 minute sit down meeting with a coach. This one-on-one meeting is private, relaxed, and intended to be fun!

During the course of a meeting, it will highlight four main components: a Check-In, Setting an Agenda, Exploration, and Creating an Action Step.




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